ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming

Have you heard about ATM Skimming and wonder what does it mean? ATM Skimming is like identity theft for debit cards. Robbers or thieves use a special device to steal the information that is stored on your card.

Some would install a card reader on the ATM machine and uses a small hidden camera. The card reader will read all the information that is stored on your debit card, while the hidden camera will capture or record your pin. So when you enter your ATM pin, be sure to cover it.

ATM Skimming

Some will be installing a keypad that would really look like the old one, they will be putting it on top of the original keypad. And you will not notice if you are not so observant. Some may have noticed it because of the tampered tapes beside the keypad, or there are so many scratches on the ATM machine that would really look very suspicious.

We should always be aware of this, we are not sure where is the safest place nowadays, even in our own home, it is not safe anymore. So if you want to be sure, and you are afraid to be the next victim, just withdraw your hard earned cash over the counter. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting in line, at least it is safe and secure.

More detailed and relevant visual information can be found on the PDF file, to download, click on the link ATM Skimming.

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