From Paypal to Unionbank in just a few minutes Unionbank is the official partner of Paypal here in Philippines. You only get 50 PHP as your fee if you withdraw from Paypal to Unionbank. And if you withdraw over 7,000 PHP, there is no fee. It’s FREE SERVICE kudos to Unionbank and Paypal collaboration efforts. While the withdrawal from Paypal […]

How to use the Peso Exchanger Fee Calculator (for PWS) Our fee calculator is found at the footer/bottom part of our home page. It helps you know your receivable amount or send amount for using the PWS (Peso Exchanger Withdrawal Service). There are 2 ways to use the fee calculator. See the instructions below on how to use the fee […]

ATM Skimming Have you heard about ATM Skimming and wonder what does it mean? ATM Skimming is like identity theft for debit cards. Robbers or thieves use a special device to steal the information that is stored on your card. Some would install a card reader on the ATM machine and uses a small hidden camera. The card reader will […]

We have plotted our schedule for staff availability in the coming days.  Below you will see the schedule for when our staff will be online to process your request. For dates not specified below, our staff will be available in our regular business hours 9am-8pm. Dec 22(Saturday)= 9am-12nn Dec 23(Sunday)  = 9am-12nn Dec 24(Monday)  = 9am-5pm Dec 25(Tuesday) = 10am-5pm […]

  • Fee Calculator

    Exchange Rate(PHP)
    How to use:
    If you request an exchange from a different currency (USD, AUD, ... ), please put the exchange rate (to PHP) in the "Exchange Rate" Field otherwise leave it as it is.
    For withdrawal service, put the amount you are going to send in to the "Send" Field, and press "Calculate Receivable Amount".
    For funding service, put the amount you want to receive in the "Receive Field", and press "Calculate Send".
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  • How does the Paypal withdrawal service work?

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