How to verify PayPal account using Metrobank bank

Before we guide you on how to verify PayPal account using Metrobank bank, we will answer an important question first.

Why do we  need to verify our PayPal account?

Well, it is important to have our PayPal account verified to get the benefits PayPal can offer. One of the benefits is our PayPal sending limit will be increased or lifted so we can send PayPal payments as many as we like. To know more about the benefits, you can click here.

There are many ways to verify your PayPal account, but in this guide we are going to teach you how to verify PayPal account using Metrobank bank account.

You may refer for the steps  below:

1. Log in to your PayPal account. (If you still don’t have a PayPal account, click here)

2. Go to “My Account” tab.

3. Point to “Profile” tab and select the option “Add/Edit Bank Account”.

4. Fill in the necessary details and be sure that your PayPal details should match your bank account details.

Verify PayPal account using Metrobank

*Note: PayPal will deposit a small amount to your bank and it will usually takes 2-4 days before it will reflect on your bank statement. It would be better that you enroll your bank account online so it would be much easier for you to check the amount that PayPal deposited. If you are not yet enrolled, you may get the bank statement from your bank to check the amount that PayPal deposited.

5. If you have already checked the amount deposited by PayPal, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3.

6. Click “Confirm”

7. To confirm, input the amount that PayPal deposited on your bank account.

8. After confirming, go to “My Account” tab, check your status near your account name, it should be changed to “Verified”.

Now your PayPal account is already verified. You can now withdraw to your Metrobank bank account or any other banks you add. You may also add credit cards/debit cards but charges may vary.
You can also use Peso Exchanger’s PayPal Withdrawal Service or PWS to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Metrobank account without waiting for days.
You just need to apply for our verification to use our PayPal Withdrawal Service. To apply for our verification click here.

If you have questions please visit our FAQ page.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Jhonaliza Merioles says:

    Hello.. I am just new in using paypal. And I already followed every steps mentioned there to get berified. Upto now I can’t verify my account.. please me.. I am using metrobank mastercard . Please need to transfer fund thank u

    • Bien says:

      Can you tell us what error you are getting and until which part did you make it?

    • Jhonaliza Merioles says:

      I clicked the “get verified” under my name then after that, I am clicking continue to get the four digit code,but the code cannot generate it always says that “the card verification sysyem used by paypal is currently not available. Please try to add your card at a later time. Sorry for this inconvinience”. I’ve been trying to verify since august 5,it alwayss goes that way.

      • Bien says:

        This could be an isolated case with Paypal. Try calling them about this. Also, make sure that you metro bank account has atleast 99 PHP when trying to use it for verification.

  2. Smple says:

    How much do you charges for every transaction? Please enlighten me, thanks.

    • Bien says:

      If you meet the requirements below, your fee will only be 5%.

      Your Paypal account must be verified

      You are withdrawing through bank transfer options

      You are withdrawing more than 100$ or 4,000 pesos or equivalent.

      If you don’t meet the requirements above, you will be charged the standard fee of 8%.

  3. can i link metrobank prepaid in my paypal account? if verified can i withdraw funds in philippine peso using metrobank prepaid? how will i link? thanks

  4. adrian says:

    can’t see the “confirm” button in step # 6…

  5. Ek Pascual says:

    Its beed a while, this is my 6th day waiting for my bank account to be confirm 8 days to be exact, 2 days are non working. In my bank account mobile on paypal its says “checking” still. Do i need to check my bank accout? And how do i check it to get the 4 digit code? My bank account are not enrolled to online checking thingy

  6. Mark Abogadie says:

    Can I verify my Paypal Account with Metrobank Debit Card?
    If so… How?

    Help Please.

  7. Don says:

    Is the account number the 16 digit number in front of my Metrobank Debit card?

  8. MARLA says:


  9. Berserk says:

    I cant see any confirm button on my paypal account sir. Kindly assist me on this one. I already navigated to the add/edit bank accounts but i cant see any confirm button for this one. My paypal account is just recently made. Will that be a problem?

  10. asdasd says:

    buhay pa ba tong website mo? saan makikita ang account number ng metrobank?

  11. Kevin Hernando says:

    Sir .. nalinlk ko na yung account ko.. diba sabi yung charge e mapupunta rin sa paypal account ko.. bakit zero parin?

  12. Annabelle ignacio says:

    I used my paypal with my supplementary metrobank card last sept & oct of 2018 sent money to my griendin the USA
    until now i have kot cecieved any billing statement from metrobank . Where can i check my transaction ? oand whete did paypal debited my transaction

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