With our dedication to provide much better support to our clients, Neil and Jyza  ( staff of Peso Exchanger ) underwent Customer Service Training.

club ultima - Customer Service Training

We held our Customer Service Training at Club Ultima 15th Floor

The goal of the training is to make our service a notch higher.  From GOOD to GREAT customer service support. Basically, there’s a big difference from giving out GOOD customer service support and GREAT customer service support, and those differences were identified and discussed during the training. The training happened at one of the finest hotel in downtown Cebu, Club Ultima. And the trainer is no other than (drum roll),  yours truly. Yup, I conducted the training for Neil and Jyza.  Just to give you a glimpse on what I do for a living, I do trainings for other companies. This is not my first time to handle customer service training, however I created a module specifically for the staff of Peso Exchanger. Neil and Jyza can’t hide their excitement for the training. They were very ready and eager to start the training.  So at around 3PM in the afternoon we started our training.  I started asking them with their expectations and what’s their goal for this training. When conducting a training, it is important to know what your audience are expecting to learn from you and at the same time, you set their minds for the purpose of the training. In this way, you’ll be able to assess their needs and what they’ll get from the training. My training is not a typical classroom type discussion.  This is different, as stated before, I have a different module specifically design for Neil and Jyza.  It was more on open type discussion.  I opened a topic, then I asked for their thoughts.  After hearing their feedback, I gave them my thoughts on the topic, what should be done and what’s not to be done or to be avoided. I let them define what is customer service and provided them some scenarios BAD customer service. Then asked them, what could have they’ve done if they were the agents on those scenarios.  Their answers were amazing and they were able to flip my scenarios into GOOD customer service.  My purpose of that activity is to assess their understanding of customer service and if they’ll be able to identify what is GOOD from BAD and put themselves into customer’s shoes. Then we proceed to understand on how our attitude can affect the level of service we provide to our clients.  Can your attitude create an impact to our clients? I asked them that question to kick off that topic, and obviously the answer is YES.  Of course our attitude can create an impact to our clients, why?  Because it changes our outlook to our work.  If you’re having a bad day, and your attitude towards work is affected, then most probably, you’ll not be able to provide a GREAT level of customer service to our customers.  You see, attitude is like a domino effect.  Bad attitude, Bad level of service. In line with attitude, I trained them about professionalism.  Every company, must work at a professional level.  This is how you get your respect.  If you want your clients to treat you right, give them the right professional level of support.

Customer Service Training

From L-R (Bien, Me, Jyza and Neil)

Of course, not all hours are spent by talking and discussion.  We also have our break.  Which is my favorite part of the training.  Thanks to Bien Daryl Castañares for the snacks. We ended up the first day of the training turning some negative words into positive words.  I’m not really the type of trainer who spoon feed every details to them, so I let them think and initiate with their own positive phrases and words. In this way, aside from learning new things, they’ll be able to create their own initiatives.  Which is for me, an ideal part of personal development. Next day, we started the training early at 8am, so that we can still have  some time to tour the hotel.

Customer Service Training

Early Morning training – Customer Service Training

We had our training at the 17th floor.  Besides their Aqua fitness pool. I really like the view there, you can see the coastal area of the city and the fresh air of morning breeze. Although we’re a bit sleepy, but the ambiance on that place, plus the hot chocolate made us wide aware during our discussions.  The last day, is more on activities.  The guys really enjoyed it specially the game similar to ‘Pinoy Henyo’ It’s really a fun game and we’re using that one as part of our customer service activity.  Why? Because, we learned some questions techniques.  In order to make sure you got the right information, you need to ask the right questions.   Same with our clients, in order for us to provide Great customer service support, our staff needs to make sure they understand the concern of our clients.  And, in order to understand it better, our staff needs to ask the right questions to funnel down all information. Last topic we discussed is about accountability.  I let them understand their roles as an agent.  They should be liable, responsible and accountable for their actions in terms of providing support to our clients.

Customer Service Training

Neil Receiving his award

Lastly, we ended our training with a Simulation.  Applying what they’ve learned during the 2 days training.  I was happy with their results and how they perform during the application stage. Of course to formally end our day, we had some awarding ceremonies.  Neil and Jyza were given a certificate of participation.  I was given a plaque of recognition (Thanks Bien)  and Neil got another award, and this is also a plaque of recognition for his hard work and dedication to Peso Exchanger. I know customer service is not an overnight process, but I am confident that the staff of Peso Exchanger is able to provide GREAT customer Service.

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