Tired of listening to your boss demands? Tired of the office politics? Tired of limited pay? Benefits not bending to your needs? Limitations, rules and regulations? Not enough time for family and personal affairs?

For employees that became home-based earners, these were their concerns. Now they are working home as their own boss. Managing their own time and work loads. No more commute to the office, no traffic and no office rules.

More and more are quitting their regular jobs, day jobs, call center jobs and even high paying company positions to become a home-based earner. A home-based job could mean you are self-employed, freelancing or telecommuting.

There are many advantages for these type of making a living. Your earnings could be unlimited since you manage yourself. Its all up to you how much you pay/earn yourself. You manage your time, and everything is your responsibility.

Before starting a home-based career, make sure you are ready. Here is a checklist that I have compiled for you:

1.) Know your resources – Before starting anything the most important thing to do is planning. You won’t go far without planning. In your plan you need to consider your resources. Your skills are one of the intangible resources. Your computer is your tangible resource. You will also need to know resources that you can get, and resources that you cannot get.

2.) Necessary resources – You will be needing a computer or laptop and a steady internet connection before starting. If you will be doing telecommuting or virtual assistance you will be needing a headset. Know what are the necessary resources that you need before accepting a home-based job.

3.) Determine your capability – With an inventory of your resources (this include your skills), you can now determine which jobs you will be able to take on. It is very important that you consider your resources before taking jobs. You may have the skills but not have the tools for the job or vice versa. You may tarnish your reputation by taking on jobs that are beyond your capacity. Your reputation is the most important part of your resume in home-based earning.

4.) Update your career portfolios – You might accept jobs frequently. If you are managing your self as a home-based employee, you will encounter valuable opportunities everyday. Opportunities easily become deals if you market your self. Marketing your self may take time, you can save time if you have an online portfolio. While you work or do something else, your clients can visit your portfolio to know about you and your skills. A good portfolio impress clients and they may hire you instantly. Here is a sample online portfolio elliotjaystocks.com.

5.) Get ready to receive payments – You may have to open a new bank account for your home-based job. Not all clients can send money through western union or any money remittance. You may also have to open an account with a payment processor like Paypal. Here is a guide to open a Paypal account. If you accept jobs that only pay through a remittance, then you will miss a lot of opportunities.

6.) Start up money – Since you are starting fresh, you will need small amount of money to start working from home. Some jobs don’t pay upfront. Some jobs require 50% done to get paid, others require a job to be 100% to get paid. There are many schemes of payment and all are negotiable. Make sure you set aside some extra cash for your bills, food and other miscellaneous because some payments get delayed.

7.) Availability – Make a schedule for work or at least the time you will be available. You may post this in your portfolio or website. Clients who are interested in your services and skills want to know when they can expect you. Most clients are impatient. They don’t want to wait, they expect you to give what you can give, on time. If you don’t want to have a fixed schedule, tell your clients to just send you an email and assure you will be answering them in a given time frame.

The most important thing that you have to ready is yourself. Home-based earning demands you to be responsible, reliable and resourceful. You can’t blame anyone if you fail and you can only credit yourself for the success.

To all those who are new and already home-based earners good luck to you all.

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Founder at Peso Exchanger
Eldest brother of 6 brothers, father of 2 daughters, husband to 1 loving wife, programmer, gamer, entrepreneur, freelancing advocate, financial planner, practical spender except on food, anime lover, and your internet savvy friend. I want to help build/convert more freelancers, independent workers, entrepreneurs in our country(Philippines).

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely liked reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

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