Verifying your Paypal account using a BDO debit card

1. Log in to you Paypal account. If you don’t have an account yet, follow this guide.

* Go to My Account
* Point to Profile tab then select the option add/edit credit card. Or click the “Unverified” status near your account name
* Select MasterCard in Card Type
* Enter your BDO Debit Card number which is a 16 digit number.
* Enter the expiration date and the three digits Card Verification Number then click the “Continue” button.

2. A confirmation page will be displayed. Your card will be charged $1.95 but Paypal will refund it within 24 hours after you confirm your card.

To confirm your card, the charge creates a unique 4-digit code that will show up on your bank statement. You can go to the BDO branch and ask for your bank statement.

Tip: If you have enrolled on myBDO, you can get the statement right away as soon as it shows in the electronic bank statement.

Note: It may take up to 2 days for the 4 digit code to show in your statement

3. Once you have the 4-digit EXPUSE Paypal code. Login to your account again and then click on the Confirm my debit or credit card link on the Account Overview.

4. Enter the 4-digit EXPUSE Paypal code in the designated box and then click the Submit button.

5. Congratulations! You are now a verified Paypal member.

Note: Withdrawals using BDO have additional fees. International Remittance fee may more or less than 200 pesos

Tip: It is best to use Unionbank for Paypal withdrawals. Any withdrawal to your Unionbank account has no fees. .

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66 Responses so far.

    • floyd michael vergara says:

      hi,,,,,nung nagwwork pa ako sa isang callcenter nun….everyone of us ay nagissue ang company namin ng BDO Debit Card…since nagresign na ako sa company namin….can i still use my BDO Debit Card for my personal use kahit wala na ako sa company namin????…….i hope you can answer it ASAP

    • analyn says:

      hello tanung ko lang po yung request ng paypal ko na 4 digit code. alin po ba yung 4 digit code na ni re request sa aken ng paypal.. answer my question po

  1. Raymond72k4 says:


    itatanong ko lang po kasi kapag naga verified na ako using my bdo debit card
    ito po ung sinasabi

    Link a card to get Verified
    Error Message

    We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal street address.

    tama naman ung mga fill up ko dun sa rquirement

    can you help me po kung papaano thanks

    • admin says:

      banks make mistakes in spelling addresses, names, business name and other information you give them, even if you filled out their form correctly. I experienced this many time. The best way to go about this is to go to your bank and verify the information yourself. Paypal will never disclose which information was misspelled even if it is just 1 character of your full name.

      if the error still presides, you need to contact paypal for support.

      • teresa says:

        hello po i dont any atm cards except this bdo debit card and wala po xang expiry date and wala din po xang code number sa likod it is a yellow bdo card pwede po ba syang gamitin to verify paypal account? how po?

  2. renzo says:

    is it possible to shop online by linking your bdo card to paypal? Will it convert automatically from peso to dollar..? thanks…

  3. Jepren says:

    Hi sir! Tanong ko lang kasi everytime na nagveverify ako ng BDO Account ko sa paypal ganito yung lumalabas :

    “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal street address.”

    Tama naman yung mga details na nilagay ko.

    Ano po kaya ang pwedeng problema nun?

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      There are times that we know that the details that we submitted to the bank and Paypal match, but the fact is when the bank staff gets your banking details, they will have to type it in to your bank profile. Since it’s only a person typing your bank details from the form your filled up to the banking system, there is a high chance that they missed or misspelled your address or any other details. You have to go to the bank to verify this. I have experienced this myself when the bank staff misspelled my address.

  4. Sairus says:

    We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal postal address.

    Union Bank Of India ‘s Debit Card ( Visa )- Postal Address and others are same but not Accept my debit card

    • admin says:

      You have to verify it your self, only your bank can give you the exact details they placed on your profile. You have to go to the bank and ask to see the details your self and correct any mistakes.

  5. jetlog says:

    is there any way that i can get my paypal code online without waiting for the bank statement?

    • admin says:

      Yes you can do that if you have online banking access with BDO or any bank that you are enrolling.

    • admin says:

      You can get it if your bank has online banking just like BPI, CHINABANK and UNIONBANK. I’m not sure if other banks also have this feature though.

  6. admin says:

    We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal postal address.

    i would like to know if the possible reason for this is because i haven’t enrolled yet to the online banking that they have?i keep on going to continue button but still that is what they replied.I’m worried i know that the details i just gave were all true.please explain to me further and i want a direct solution for this.thank you

    • admin says:

      First, I want to ask what are you trying to do?
      If you are trying to verify your Paypal account using a card, your card should have at least 2$ or 100 PHP. Paypal will charge that card to see if it works, and you can verify that by using the 4 digit code found in your statement(Paypal will ask for this to verify your card).

  7. bear says:

    hello sir. my ATM debit card billing address doesn’t match my PayPal postal address, I was just wondering if I could check my billing address online?

  8. Sheryl says:

    I keep getting the same message as a lot of people with PayPal unable to verify my debit card. I have called BDO and they said online shopping is not possible for debit cards, that’s why. This is only possible through credit cards. Although there are some that would be able to go through, most do not. How true is this?

    • admin says:

      I think you can add/use to verify you debit card(BDO) to use Paypal. The only requirement is that your debit/credit card should be either VISA/MASTERCARD. The other types of card required are not available here in the Philippines.

      • Sheryl says:

        It does. But I have tried several times and I have also checked with my details if they were same as the ones I have entered on PayPal. And BDO tells me it is not possible to use this for online shopping!!! I have tried calling several BDO personnel, from call center to branch personnel, and they all say the same thing.

        • admin says:

          I’m not sure if that is just an alibi because they don’t know much about online services/Paypal. Even some tellers of Unionbank would do that just to shoo the customer away.

          Another possibility is that the bank details and your Paypal details don’t match. It could be a human error when the bank teller was typing your name/address. I experienced this with my last name which is “Castañares” but they typed “Castanares”. This small mistake was noticed by Paypal that is why I had to correct it with the bank.

          • Sheryl says:

            I see. I heard from someone that my PayPal should have a balance before I link my BDO card. This is so confusing. I will try again. Thank you so much for the responses!

  9. admin says:


    Yes, your BDO must have atleast 200PHP. I think Paypal will be getting 99PHP to test your bank.

    • Sheryl says:

      My debit card has more than that, but it still won’t accept. :( I used a credit card, and it went in on the first try. So details are not the problem. Problem really is with the card..

  10. cza says:

    I have the same problem with the others. But does it really work? To link your BDO debit card to your Paypal? I’m using a dollar acct so I’m not sure if it’s the reason why I can’t link my debit card with mastercard logo T^T

    • admin says:

      I think that(Dollar Account) is the reason why.

      I tried asking Unionbank that if I open a dollar account and withdraw my funds there, will I get $ instead of PHP?

      The Unionbank staff answered that Paypal remits in PHP, so even if you withdraw $ funds from Paypal, PHP will be the currency to reflect in your bank account always. So if you have a dollar account, that would be a problem already.

  11. Bernard says:

    i’m having the same error occurred as the people posted above. I’m just wondering how exact the addresses should be. does it have to have the same punctuations too?

    • admin says:

      In my opinion if a computer or algorithm has to decide whether an address is the same or not, it depends on how it was programmed to decide. If it’s human, then we wouldn’t have a problem about minor errors in the address. I think only the bank can give the exact answer about this.

  12. Mauriston911 says:

    Please help. I am also having problem verifying my bdo debit card with paypal just like the others. Is there an issue between bdo and paypal. I called the call center of bdo about this, and the representative told me that bdo is not affiliated with paypal so I am thinking that it might be the reason why. But then, the representative told me that it is OK though to link the BDO debit card with paypal if the card holder wants to. I want to know how did the others solve this problem. I need to fix this ASAP because I have to withdraw an amount from my paypal account. I have followed an instruction above to check the details I input with the BDO bank to match the details I used with my paypal but still no luck after editing everything. Any recommendation for an easier and acceptable card for paypal verification? Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      I haven’t tried this personally but I know a few people using BDO mastercard linking their card to Paypal. I will try to investigate on this when I can go to the BDO bank.

  13. vrix says:

    gudmorning, itatanong ko lang sna if pwede sa paypal ung BDO debit card ko, na walang logo ng mastercard?megalink lang po eh.. is it possible na maverify account sa paypal using my card?


    • hjeje says:

      I’m also having the same problem. Yellow ATM card lang din po ang gamit ko. Nagenroll ako sa BDOonlinebaking, pero hanggang ngaun pending parin ang enrollment ko.
      The problem is, walang confirmation link para sa bank account na nilagay ko sa paypal. Kaya hindi ko maverify ang paypal ko.
      I just need to withdraw money from my paypal cause that’s all I have. I don’t have money in my actual back account.
      Could somebody help us, please.

  14. jazs says:

    hayzz. pabobo.!!!!

    hey guys need your help.

    why cant i verify my paypal account using bdo debit card, every time i verify it this comes out ” We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal street address”

    i followed exactly those fucked up instructions pinoy bloggers posted but no result at all.

    kailangan bang ung bank details na nilagay mo nung nagpagawa ka ng bdo debit card, pareho ba dapat sa ilalagay mo sa paypal pag mag register ka.

    billing address
    address line

    o kahit wag na.

    baxta tama lahat ung nilagay mo pag nag add debit card ka.

    pero tama nman lahat nlagay ko dun ah.

  15. Gopi says:

    Hello Sir ,
    At first tell me is that possible to Add a STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI) DEBIT CARD to Paypal .
    When i am adding the Debit card an error getting to me i.e.,

    We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. Please also make sure your credit card billing address matches your PayPal postal address.

    What to do now …
    Is that possible to add my friends credit card to my paypal account …

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure about adding SBI debit card to Paypal, but the basic requirement would be that is should be either VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Otherwise it is not supported.
      The last time I tried adding credit cards in Paypal was when I was adding my mother’s credit card. It allowed me to do that because we had the same Last name. I’m not entirely sure if you can add your friend’s credit card in your own Paypal account.

  16. vanjo says:

    bkit po parang wala naman akong makitang security code sa likod ng card ko?

  17. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thank you!

  18. Mylene says:

    Hello poh,,tanong ko lang di napo pala pwede magsend payments sa paypal pag di verified?…..then pwede diba ibang name ilink mo as debit card as long as yung surname pareho?… then pwede rin diba na ichange mo yung default address sa paypal mo sa paglink ng card?…like davao nilagay mo na address pagsign up sa paypal pro ichange mo into cebu kasi yun yung nakalagay sa bank mo?…..thanks….rcbc pala bank ko…..

    • admin neil says:

      Hi mam. Good day. Yes, we do not accept funds from unverified paypal accounts. On your second question, the card holder name must be the same as the name in your paypal account. On your third question, yes you can edit your paypal home address. Just go to profile and edit address. PayPal may call you and confirm you address. Just wait for them to call.

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  22. Kei G says:

    I tried looking for POS W/D SV PP in my internet banking but it shows something like this.. W/D FR SV BDO i really wanna verify my paypal account. :(

  23. Chasity says:

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  24. Angelika says:

    This web site certainly has all of the info I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  25. mak says:

    if you are having trouble using BDO credit/debit card, additional info on verifying paypal.. using east west visa debit here wwwdottechnomavdotblogspotdotcom thanks

  26. accutane says:

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  27. mary says:

    hi! I desperately need help with my BDO to paypal bank. I have been trying to link or add my BDO ATM Debit Card to paypal but it keeps showing this message: “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.”
    What am I to do? Thanks!

  28. Daisy Lacida says:

    When I click to varified my BDO Mastercard to paypal account. ..this message from the PayPal. …The Card Varification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time.We apologize for this inconvenience. ….What need todo and I here kuwait and I am using BDO Kabayan Savings Mastercard. ..Please send email address your response. ..thank you. ..I am waiting.

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  32. francis says:

    hello. ask ko lng kung pwede ba ilink ang BDO cash card sa paypal account? is it applicable? Thanks.

  33. Jah says:

    I’m getting an error message when verifying my BDO – “The Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.” How do we go about this?

  34. judith says:

    hi , I just want to ask about my the problem im experiencing with regards to my paypal account since im getting my salary through paypal and I actually received twice of my salary in paypal, but recently, the company sent the salary already to my account pero bakit wala nmn pumasok sapaypal account ko atwala din akong email na natanggap from them, panu po ba to?salamt

  35. Ann says:

    Whats the 4-digit code of BDO debit card? i called up the bank, they dont know..

  36. mj says:

    Hi, I have a tip for you all, better to apply for EON Debit Card at Unionbank because it has no additional fee and its fast just link your card and your good to go. :)

  37. janet says:

    ask ko lang can i use my bdo atm card to verify paypal account , nagagamit ko na to pangwithraw but still hindi sya verified…pls help

  38. Carlo de Alday says:

    I recently had my BDO card verified with PayPal and they charged me 100 PHP on June 8th. With BDO, kelan ba to mababalik sa account ko? Sabi kasi ni PayPal it depends on the bank, pwedeng up to 30 business days.

  39. Leslie J says:

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  41. synzer says:

    hi, gooday It was my first time to download the pay pal app. I want to link my BDO account to my paypal but it says that my card was declined, can you help with my problem please? thank you.

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