We now support PayPal to Metrobank transfers

More and more of our clients have been suggesting that we support other banks and provide other payment options. As I’m writing this article right now, our research staff are finding ways to add more options.

Starting today, we can now offer PayPal to Metrobank in our PayPal withdrawal service (PWS). You can now withdraw your PayPayl funds straight to your Metrobank account in just a few minutes even on weekends and holidays.

Also, you can now choose to pay us via our Metrobank account for using our web payment services (WPS).

paypal to metrobank

To be able to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Metrobank bank account, use our PayPal withdrawal service or PWS.

CLICK HERE to see how our PayPal withdrawal services works or simply play the video below.

Here are a list of other banks and options we support  for withdrawal CLICK HERE

Metrobank requires us to enroll your banking information before we can send money to your account. Just contact our staff and provide your banking details to have your account enrolled. This process may take 3-5 banking days.

We look forward to opening other possible withdrawal options for our clients. We are hoping you would send us your suggestions and comments.

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Our full time staffs are always ready to assist you with your request or questions.
They are online from 9:00AM-8:00PM every day, even on holidays or weekends.
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8 Responses so far.

  1. Hi asschick_6,Yes, you can use your Metrobank account using the 9 digit bank code 010269996 to withdraw your PayPal funds. I have tried this and so do the other members who posted on this thread from 2008: http://forums.ebay.ph/thread.jspa?threadID=500002677&start=0 However, the bank withdrawal fee differs depending on the amount you withdraw. You can check the link above to get an idea how much will be the withdrawal fee.As for using a PNB account and the 9 digit bank code 010080010, I haven’t personally tried this or have read someone tried it but I’m sure this can also be used to withdraw PayPal funds because eBay contacted all the banks listed on this page: http://pages.ebay.ph/bankwithdrawal/bank_codes_ph.html to verify the 9 digit bank code to transfer the funds via the Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC). That’s why when you withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account, and when you have online banking, you will see that the transaction will appear as INREM VIA PCHC (Inward Remittance via Philippine Clearing House Corporation). The problem with PNB is that we don’t know how much will be the withdrawal fee.Most of the banks in the list don’t know about PayPal and will say they aren’t affiliated with PayPal and don’t know how the withdrawal/transfer of funds to your bank account works. Except for Unionbank who has a page dedicated for PayPal which explains how to get verified using your Unionbank credit/debit card.Since I’ve personally tried and tested Metrobank as well as other eBay members, I would say go with Metrobank. Feel free to post back if you have any other questions.

  2. Hazziel A. Brocoy says:

    hi can i transfer money from metrobank to paypal?

  3. Maricar Altieza says:

    Hi ask lng po bkit wala pa yung pera n tinaransfer ko sa bank account galing sa paypaypal account ko.Nktanggap ako email sabi september 25 mag appear yung pera ko sa bank account.Sept. 19 ko p un tinaransfer until now wala parin.

  4. Maricar Altieza says:

    Bkit po antagal wala pa yung pera ko sa bank account ko.Nktanggap nman ako email through paypal svi sept 25 mag appear n sa bank account pero almost 9days n wala prin

  5. Valene Formaran says:

    how much po ba ung transactions fees ng metrobank for transfer from paypal? As per paypal, they don’t charge transfer fee if it is more than PhP7000, bakit nung nagtransfer ako, lesser na ung amount transferred

  6. shine says:

    i transfer money from paypal to metrobank why it take so long

  7. Joyz says:

    Helo i just wanna ask my refund ksi ako sa paypal aug 2 nila nirefund money ko pero until now wla pfin sa metrobank account ko.bt gnun

  8. J says:

    Scammers yan.. Nagpapaloko nman kayo. pishing..

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