FAQ – Peso Exchanger Paypal to Cash

FAQ – Peso Exchanger Paypal to Cash


What is Peso Exchanger?


Peso Exchanger is a national company offering online services. It’s main services is the Paypal to cash services which most clients are home-based Paypal earners, online merchants and OFWs.

Peso Exchanger also offer Paypal funding services for those who want to purchase or paybills online without disclosing any financial information like your credit card details.


What are Peso Exchanger.com’s services?


The main service of PesoExchanger.com is the Paypal exchange services. Other services include the following;

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be picked up by the customer **

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be transferred to the bank of the customer

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be sent through money remittance for the customer **

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be picked up by the customer’s recipient **

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be transferred to the bank of the customer’s recipient

– Exchange of Paypal funds to Cash to be sent through money remittance for the customer’s recipient **

– Selling/Funding of Paypal funds to customer (in any currency US $, Philippine peso or others)

– Payment gateway for customers who don’t have Paypal accounts and want to purchase something through Paypal

– Order processing service. This is a new service that we offer to those small business that want to accept Paypal payments but don’t have the resources to do so.

** Options may not be available for all, some options are available only to recurring clients of Peso Exchanger.


How do I contact pesoexchanger.com?


Click any of the ways to contact us below;

Fastest way is thru mobile Paypal to cash mobile

Paypal to cash

Paypal to cash

Paypal to cash

Paypal to cash Facebook

Paypal to cash Exchanger



My Paypal account is unverified? Do i need to do a different process for verification and exchange request?


Due to high risk of Paypal intervention, we cannot transact with unverified Paypal account.
We can help you verify your Paypal account tho. Just contact us through our Facebook account or via website chat support.
Here are a few guides that may help you.
Verifying your Paypal account using a Unionbank debit/credit card
Verifying your Paypal account using a BDO debit/credit card


It’s my first time to request an exchange, what are the requirements?


If this is the first time you are going to make a request, you need to get verified first.

Online Verification click here for more details on process and requirements


A scanned image of your valid ID (a list of valid ID’s is found in our FAQ page)

Your name in the I.D. should match the account name you have in your Paypal account.

You should be able to log in to your Paypal account.

Your Paypal account should be active. We cannot transact with limited Paypal account, and those who have reached their sending limit.

Your Paypal account should be verified. Due to high risk of Paypal intervention, we cannot transact with unverified Paypal account.

For us to check your Paypal account, we will be using Teamviewer. (We will guide you on how to use this if you don’t know how to use it)

You should have a Facebook account.

You are required to like our Facebook page.

You are required to add us on Facebook.


What are valid I.D s accepted for verification?


Drives License


SSS card

GSIS card

Postal ID

Voter’s ID


Senior Citizens card

Seaman’s Book

NBI clearance

police clearance

School ID (for students only)

Employee’s ID


How do I make an exchange service request?


Before making an exchange request, make sure you have already been verified with us.

If you are already verified, ALWAYS contact us via mobile so we can check the availability of funds and 3rd party services like online banking.

After I confirm you can send a request, follow the guide here.



What is your exchange rate?


We don’t have a fixed exchange rate. Our exchange rate is the same as Paypal’s exchange rate.
We regularly post Paypal’s exchange rate in our chat support and via our Facebook account.
You can calculate how much the exchange for your funds in Philippine peso through Paypal’s Currency Manager.
We also post Paypal’s exchange rate daily in our Facebook page. Add us on Facebook.



How much are your fees?
Fees are deducted as payment for our services.


If you meet the requirements below, your fee will only be 5%.

Your Paypal account must be verified

You are withdrawing through bank transfer options

You are withdrawing more than 100$ or 4,000 pesos or equivalent.

If you don’t meet the requirements above, you will be charged the standard fee of 8%.


How do I request an exchange service to cash?


If you want to request your money to be exchanged to cash, your service request should look like these;

You can choose to pick up the money, or have another person(a recipient) pick it up for you.

A different person(recipient) picking up/receiving the money should present a valid ID.

NOTE: Cash options are only available to selected recurring client’s of Peso Exchanger

PesoExchanger Service Request

Money Sent: 10 php

Mode of Payment: Cash, Pick-up

Account Name: Francis Bernard Yu

You can also have it delivered to another person or yourself.

PesoExchanger Service Request

Money Sent: 10 php

Mode of Payment: Cash for delivery

Address: 377 Holycross, Basak Pardo.

Contact Number: 09325336716

Recipient: Ralph Martin Yu

Account Name: Francis Bernard Yu

Delivered cash is subject to additional fees and available only to selected recurring clients.

Please contact us for queries about deliveries.


I want to withdraw through BPI/BDO. What do I need to do?


You need to inform us of your account number and account name 1 banking day before making an exchange request.

This is because BPI requires third party accounts to be enrolled before making a transaction, and this takes 1 banking day.

For BDO however, they are using the manual process of enrolling account, it takes almost a month.

We suggest you use BPI, Chinabank or Unionbank for a speedy online banking experience.



How do I request an exchange service to be transferred to my bank account?


Supported banks may change from time to time, you can check which banks we support here.

If you want to exchange and transfer your Paypal funds to your bank account, you can use the Bank Transfer options.

Here is what the your request templates should look like.

PesoExchanger Service Request

Money Sent: 10 php

Mode of Payment: Bank transfer to EoN Account # 123456789

Account Name: Francis Bernard Yu

If you want to exchange and transfer your Paypal funds to another person’s bank account,

you can still use the Bank Transfer options but you have to indicate the recipient’s bank account number and account name.

PesoExchanger Service Request

Money Sent: 10 php

Mode of Payment: Bank transfer EON

Recipient: Ralph Martin Yu

Recipient Account Number: 123456789

Account Name: Francis Bernard Yu

NOTE: If you are to request the payment to be sent to another person, we may ask for that person’s valid id and other credentials.


How long does it take to get my money after sending a request?


There are several factors as to when you will get your money after sending a request.

1st, there is the availability of the 3rd party services (Paypal, Unionbank Online banking, etc.)

2nd, intervention policy. There are times that Paypal would hold your funds after a transaction, they can do that anytime. They can hold your funds in minutes, hours or days after a transaction. We reserve the right to monitor your request before we process it.

3rd, staff availability. Our staff are available everyday from 9am-8pm. Even on weekends and holidays.

If you send an exchange request, it usually gets processed in just a few minutes.

Always remember to contact us before sending request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We impose a clearing time and sending limit for your first transaction with us. We will process your request after monitoring it for a period of time(15 minutes – 60 minutes at most). This is for your first transaction only.


How long does it take to get my account verified if I don’t have a credit/debit card?


You can use any credit/debit card to verify your Paypal account as long as it is VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

We recommend you open an EON account through Unionbank(VISA).

Follow this guide to open an EON VISA debit card/account

You will usually get your EON card in 5-7 business days.
You will then have to activate your card, which takes 1 business day.
Then you can enroll your card for online banking (EON) and this takes 2-3 business days.
Afterwards, you can add your EON debit card to your Paypal account.
After adding you can apply for verification using that card.
Verification will then take only a few minutes using your EON online banking access.



How to open an EON VISA debit card/account?


To apply for an EON Visa Debit Card you must

1. Make a personal appearance at the UnionBank branch.

2. Submit a fully accomplished EON Visa Debit Card Application form.

3. Present a photocopy of at least one (1) valid ID

Please take note that during the Face-to-Face validation at the Branch, UnionBank reserves the right to require customers to present more than one valid ID to positively establish identity.

Present your Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Present your Social Security System (SSS) number or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) number

For existing UnionBank accountholders who wish to open an EON account, please present at least one (1) valid ID from the list below and your UnionBank account number.

Below is a list of acceptable IDs in the order of the bank’s preference:


Driver’s License

Permit to Carry Firearms

New Social Security System (SSS) card

Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) e-card

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID

New Tax Identification Number (TIN)

National Statistics Office (NSO) authenticated Birth Certificate

NSO authenticated Marriage Certificate

Original and unexpired National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance

Police Clearance

Digitized Voter’s ID

Alien Certificate of Registration/Identity Card (I-Card)/Immigrant Certificate of Registration

Consular ID

Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA)/Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Card


Seaman’s Book

Government office ID (e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines, Home Development Mutual Fund [HDMF] IDs)

Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)

PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) ID

Integrated Bar of the Philippines

Other valid IDs issued by private entities supervised and/or registered with SEC, BSP or IC (Insurance Commission)

PhilHealth card

Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA)/ Senior Citizen card

Card Postal ID

Barangay certification

For Students who are beneficiaries of an OFW and who are not yet of voting age:

School IDs (With photo, signature and signed/attested by Head of School)

Study load or any proof of enrollment

Birth Certificate, Membership IDs in association within the school

For Foreigners/Non-Citizens:

The following identification documents must be submitted by the customer and must bear a recent photo and signature:

Passport issued by the country of citizenship with Visa duly stamped by the Immigration Bureau at the point of entry and any of the following:

ACR Identity Card (mandatory for resident aliens)

Special Resident Retiree Visa (mandatory for PRA-registered retirees)

Current Driver’s License

Social Security or National ID

4. Pay P350 for your first year annual fee.

5. Bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended) so that you can start using your EON account.



  • Fee Calculator

    Exchange Rate(PHP)
    How to use:
    If you request an exchange from a different currency (USD, AUD, ... ), please put the exchange rate (to PHP) in the "Exchange Rate" Field otherwise leave it as it is.
    For withdrawal service, put the amount you are going to send in to the "Send" Field, and press "Calculate Receivable Amount".
    For funding service, put the amount you want to receive in the "Receive Field", and press "Calculate Send".
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