Paypal Withdrawal Service

Paypal Withdrawal Service (PWS)

Paypal withdrawal service allows those who have Paypal funds to exchange them to cash/real money in just a few minutes. You can choose to get paid in many ways including bank transfer, remittance or cash.

Our clients are Paypal earners who work as freelancers from Odesk, Elance, etc… Some are online merchants earning from their own website. Some are OWFs (overseas Filipino workers) remitting money to their loved ones in the Philippines. You should use our withdrawal service too.

Here are a few reasons why you would use our Paypal Withdrawal Service:

+You cannot use your Paypal funds in emergency cases
+It requires you to have a bank account
+It requires you to add your bank account details
+It requires you to verify your account
+It takes time to withdraw (2-5 business days or even more)
+You have to be accurate with your information

Paypal has this note before withdrawing your funds.

Note: If your bank information is incorrect, your withdrawal will be returned and a fee will be charged (and the fee is 250.00 pesos).

Because of these several reasons, the Peso Exchanger Paypal Withdrawal Services (PWS) was made.

Peso Exchanger started it’s withdrawal services on 2008. Back then it was only available to personal friends and friends of friends of the owner Bien. On 2010, this service became open to the public. Today, Peso Exchanger caters different services like (Web Payment Services and Order Processing Services). Peso Exchanger is widely used all over Philippines and even OFWs from other countries use it’s remittance service through Paypal. You can see some of the testimonials here.


How does the Paypal Withdrawal Services (PWS) work?



Just remember these 3 simple steps;

1.) Let us know about your request.

  • Just contact us online (via Facebook).
  • How much you want to withdraw from your Paypal?
  • How you want to get paid?

2.) We will then give you instructions on how to send your Paypal funds to us.
3.) After we receive your Paypal funds, you will get paid right away.

Our processing staff will send money to be credited to your bank account in just a few minutes or you can choose to get paid via remittance or cash pick up from our office. See payment options here.

NOTE: To be able to use Paypal Withdrawal Service you need to go through Peso Exchanger’s verification process. Click here to apply for the verification.


Here are ADVANTAGES for using Peso Exchanger Paypal Withdrawal Services:

+ you can now use your Paypal funds as good as cash/real money
+ you can withdraw even on holidays and weekends
+ you don’t pay fees from Paypal
+ save you a lot of time (you get your cash/bank transfer only in a few mins)
+ you avoid your bank transfer rates
+ you avoid your bank service fees
+ you don’t need to have a bank account, a credit card or a debit card to withdraw your money
+ you don’t need to divulge your banking information to Paypal to withdraw your funds
+ you can withdraw your Paypal funds through any of the withdrawal options listed here


To qualify for the Paypal Withdrawal Service, you have to apply for our verification process. Click here to apply

If you have questions please visit our FAQ page.

If you are unsure of what to do, please contact us via mobile Paypal Withdrawal Service

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    Exchange Rate(PHP)
    How to use:
    If you request an exchange from a different currency (USD, AUD, ... ), please put the exchange rate (to PHP) in the "Exchange Rate" Field otherwise leave it as it is.
    For withdrawal service, put the amount you are going to send in to the "Send" Field, and press "Calculate Receivable Amount".
    For funding service, put the amount you want to receive in the "Receive Field", and press "Calculate Send".
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  • How does the Paypal withdrawal service work?

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