BPI’s Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) introduced it’s mobile application last 2011. They developed the application by adding new features and improving the user-interface just this year.

Developing a mobile application would be a great help for us, we can always check our accounts on the go without going to the nearest branch or ATM machine.

Below are the basic features you can do with your BPI mobile application:

Mobile Application

Balance Inquiry

You can check your real time balance, anytime, anywhere!

Transaction History

You don’t need to open your laptop just to check your transaction history, with BPI mobile application, you can check the last 20 transactions on the go.

Transfer Funds

You can transfer funds in 3 ways:

  • Transfer funds to your own account – transfer funds within your enrolled own accounts
  • Transfer funds to third party accounts – transfer funds to your enrolled third party accounts
  • Transfer funds to anyone – transfer to anyone without enrolling their account to your account (note: you need to activate this feature to the nearest ATM machine or by submitting a form to your nearest branch)

Pay Bills

You can pay your bills to your enrolled merchants

Reload Phone

You can buy prepaid load and stay connected with your loved ones (note: this requires Transfer to Anyone enrollment)


You can find a branch or ATM nearest you.

Foreign Rates

You can check the exchange rate of BPI without going to the branch.

Contact BPI

If you’re in hurry to get answers from your queries, you can contact them right away. There are 3 ways to reach BPI:

  • Call – Phone: 89-100 | Domestic Toll Free: 1-800-108-89100
  • Email – send it to: expressonline@bpi.com.ph
  • SMS – send it to: 0917-8910000

You can download the mobile application by searching BPI through Google Play on your Android or App Store on your iOS devices.

For java enabled phones, you can visit BPI’s website and at the upper right corner of the page, search for BPI Express Mobile, or you may click here.

For more information about BPI mobile application, you can click here.

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