online jobs1This week’s post is something that is very interesting as it created a buzz in the corporate world.  I’m talking about Online Jobs.  Sounds familiar right? But do you know the meaning of Online Job?Most of you probably know the meaning.  But for those who are not familiar with online jobs, We’ll try to define it and hopefully shed some light on how this kind of modernization became one of the most trending subjects in today’s society.We all know that technology is growing fast. And because of this movement, it created higher demands of the society to work on jobs that are related to Information Technology.  This movement opens a door of opportunity to all of us. Why? If you haven’t noticed, many of the investors like to invest or  open their company in our country. This only means that, it can create more jobs for us.Some of these inventors build offices for their company.  But because of the birth of Online Jobs, it cuts the expenses of the investors to have an office.

So what is an Online Job?  For me, this is a job or a work that is posted through a specialized website you need to do or accomplish for your employer without the need of having to report in person.

If that’s the case, then why would many people get hooked on doing Online Jobs?  Well, the one reason for that and probably be the coolest of all is that, you get to do the job at your home.  Isn’t that cool? No pressure of getting late, no boss to supervise your job and above all, no need to shell out expenses for fare or food.

In contrast, working in a corporate company requires your physical presence. This means that you should come in and report to your employer’s office.

While if you have online jobs, there’s no need to wake up early, you can wake up 5 minutes before your shift starts.  It doesn’t even require you to take a bath.  Plus, you can have your breaks anytime.  Therefore, working online eliminates the pressure of waking up early.  online-jobs

People who are doing Online Jobs are also referred to as ‘home based’ agents.  Wherein, your home is your office. That also means, you will have to use your own resources for your job.  Like your own PC, internet connection and electricity bill.  Guess that’s just one clear downside of a home based agent.  Also, aside from the agent’s knowledge about the job given by the employer, it is a must that an agent should have a strong internet connection.  From the word itself (online jobs),   it requires you to have a state of connectivity.  This is very important for your online connection as it serves as your means to communicate with your employer and do your jobs.


Though we can see the clear benefits of working online, but it also has some negative effects.  First, we lack self discipline. Sometimes, waking up early and having the thought  to report on time is healthy.  In a way, that we learn to be responsible and accountable for our actions.   It helps us grow individually and give us a sense of responsibility.  Second, it gives us opportunity to meet people and make friends with them.  If we look at it, this is helpful in our social growth.

However, I’m not saying that Online Jobs doesn’t give you a sense of responsibility.  Of course it can, but it is very different if you have self discipline.  Also, you can still make friends while working online.  But then again, it is better to communicate with people personally.

Not all are happy with the idea of online jobs, especially for investors in a corporate company.  It is a threat to their business, because most online jobs offer more or the same salary, you get less deductions on your salary, you also have an option not to pay taxes compared to working in a corporate company.  Plus the benefits of working at home.  If I am the agent, obviously I will choose working online.

online jobsThough online jobs can bring some negative and positive impact in our society, it is undeniable that this innovation of working at home is clearly another evident that technologies plays a great role in influencing the world we are living in.  Although this innovation is on the rise and even posted a threat to corporate companies, online jobs still have a long way to go before it can take over the method on how companies run their business.

The bottom line is, in our world today where technology greatly plays an impacting role in our society and affect our day to day living.  We must remember that, as humans  we have the freedom of choosing our choices.  Whether, we adopt with the new trend or continue living the way we used to do.


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