Its been over 3 years since we have been providing this service. We are happy to have served many and provide simple solutions to everyday problems. We also have faced many obstacles with the operation of our services.

Now, we are again faced with a big obstacle with regards to our Paypal account. We are currently communicating w/ Paypal to resolve the issue as soon as possible. And having experienced this before, we know this will take time. And having no Paypal account to use as of the time being, we cannot provide our services for the mean time.

This BIG obstacle that we have to overcome may take a long time. We are not certain as to when we can provide the service again. But, rest assured we are doing our best to resolve this in the soonest possible time.

We regret to inform you that because of the situation, starting today, our services are temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Our staff will still be available to assist you if you have any questions in the same time as our business hours.

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Founder at Peso Exchanger
Eldest brother of 6 brothers, father of 2 daughters, husband to 1 loving wife, programmer, gamer, entrepreneur, freelancing advocate, financial planner, practical spender except on food, anime lover, and your internet savvy friend. I want to help build/convert more freelancers, independent workers, entrepreneurs in our country(Philippines).

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