Please be informed that Ace Ebora Faelnar whose picture appears below is in debt to Peso Exchanger due to his transaction last December 5 and 7, 2013 (amounting to: 2,723.92 PHP that was reversed to his PayPal account) in which he received the total amount of 2,506.00 PHP (less fees) through his Unionbank account.   Ace, gave us hope that […]

PayPal Issues Have you encountered PayPal issues recently? Or have you encountered and solved it right away? As we all know, many or most of the online earners are using PayPal and some small merchants like online shops are starting to use PayPal. PayPal turned out to be the bread and butter for most online earners. However, not all users […]

Its been over 3 years since we have been providing this service. We are happy to have served many and provide simple solutions to everyday problems. We also have faced many obstacles with the operation of our services. Now, we are again faced with a big obstacle with regards to our Paypal account. We are currently communicating w/ Paypal to […]

We have plotted our schedule for staff availability in the coming days.  Below you will see the schedule for when our staff will be online to process your request. For dates not specified below, our staff will be available in our regular business hours 9am-8pm. Holiday Schedule for: December 24(Tuesday) – 9am to 3pm December 25(Wednesday) – 10:30am to 5pm […]

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    If you request an exchange from a different currency (USD, AUD, ... ), please put the exchange rate (to PHP) in the "Exchange Rate" Field otherwise leave it as it is.
    For withdrawal service, put the amount you are going to send in to the "Send" Field, and press "Calculate Receivable Amount".
    For funding service, put the amount you want to receive in the "Receive Field", and press "Calculate Send".
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