Verified PayPal Account Benefits verified PayPal account benefits

What are the verified PayPal account benefits? Many are asking this question.

PayPal asks us to verify our accounts with them by  adding our bank account or credit/debit card information. Theoretically, they find this as their way to verify our identity.

It also helps lift our withdrawal or sending limits. Limits are the amount we can withdraw or send using our PayPal account.

Below are the benefits of  verified PayPal account:

• You can send as many PayPal payments as you like, as your sending limits are increased or lifted
• You can easily withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account
• Your verified Paypal account can directly pull money from your bank account or debit card or credit card when doing payments
• Verified status increases confidence and trust in you within the PayPal community and even outside PayPal
• You can now do payments to all website offering Paypal (because some only accept from verified Paypal acounts)
• Verified status increases confidence and trust in you within the PayPal community and even outside PayPal

You can do more with your verified PayPal account than sticking to an unverified PayPal account. You can now start having a hassle-free and secure transactions online, because some websites won’t accept unverified PayPal accounts.

With a verified PayPal account, you can now also use our PayPal Withdrawal Service or PWS.*

This service allows you to withdraw your Paypal funds and get it credited to your bank in just a few minutes(you can also choose to get paid in cash/remittance**).

You may click here to know how it works, or simply play the video below:

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* after passing our verification process
** for recurring clients only

7 Responses so far.

  1. […] Why do we  need to verify our PayPal account? Well, it is important to have our PayPal account verified to get the benefits PayPal can offer. One of the benefits is our PayPal sending limit will be increased or lifted so we can send PayPal payments as many as we like. To know more about the benefits, you can click here. […]

  2. ngocngan2003dh says:

    chau muon dang ky tai khoan nhung khong duoc , ma them thoi trang nay bang tieng anh chau chua the doc duoc. vi vay co the goi trang nay truc tiep o cho phien dich tieng viet de chau co the hieu duoc khong ,

  3. […] Verifying PayPal account using BPI ePrepaid MasterCard is easy. We know that unverified PayPal account would be risky, it might limit and close our account. One of the benefits of verified PayPal account is we can withdraw easily straight to our banks. To know more about the benefits of verified PayPal account, click here. […]

  4. Ivy says:

    Hi! I already added my ePrepaid card sa PayPal. It said that I’ll wait for three days before I get the confirmation code. Pero 5 days ng nakalipas.. My question is , How will I get the confirmation code??

    • Yohan Bree says:

      Please log in to you online banking, see the transactions 1-3 business days after you requested verification, or call the bank to get the Paypal code.

  5. Jomilyn says:

    hi gud am! i just want to ask why i can’t access to paypal. i want to link may eprepaid mastercard to paypal but everytime i open ur site there’s always an error. is ur paypal website still working? Thanks!

  6. Pamela Green says:

    Ok, so what if i am expecting funds from a third party? can i receive money transfer and withdraw directly from my paypal account

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